Strengthening Ukrainian Investigative Reporting

The programme provides short-term grants for journalistic investigations, reporting, and content production. Ukrainian editorial offices, freelance journalists, data researchers, and media start-ups are eligible to apply. This includes media organisations operating in exile or whose employees work in Germany. The projects created or published in cooperation with German media are given special consideration.


About the programme

Since the beginning of  Russia’s full-scale war of aggression, 11 journalists have been killed and 28 wounded in Ukraine. Lots of Ukrainian media workers were forced to flee, some of them settled down abroad and are now trying to (re-)launch their media projects in exile. Physical safety and mental health issues of journalists, limited funding opportunities, and the risk of unemployment are deepening the Ukrainian media sector crisis. The funding programme Strengthening Ukrainian Investigative Reporting was launched in 2022 to support joint investigations and cooperation between Ukrainian and German journalists. In 2023, with the war still ongoing, the programme continues to support cross-border media projects and expands opportunities for individual media projects, investigative reporting, and content production for editorials offices and journalists. 

The Journalist in Need Network invites Ukrainian media workers to apply with a wide range of topics including Russia’s invasion and war crimes, German and EU politics, social, and cultural, historical and other issues. Use of innovative approaches, such as analysing big data, working with archives, publishing, and promoting publications in the multimedia and interactive formats will increase the chances of receiving grant support.

Conditions and extent of support

The programme provides grant support from 3,000 to 12,000 euros. The application must be submitted through an online form and be designed as a short-term media project. It is possible to co-finance an existing project in the final stages of its realisation. The support can thus be provided for the full realisation or completion of the project, promotion, increase in the number of publications, translation, or content repackaging .

Grant funds can be used to cover the costs of staff involved in the project, honoraria, equipment rental, and travel expenses. This grant cannot cover the costs of purchasing hardware/equipment.

Project reporting

Reporting must be submitted after the implementation of the project until the end of January 2024 as a short description of the project results and main activities, with links to the final publications. The implementation of the projects must be completed by the end of this year. Reports and investigations can be published after the end of the project but not later than April 2024. In this case, a draft version of the publication indicating the expected date and format of publication, the expected audience reach and the promotion plan must be attached to the report.

Application deadline

Application deadline: 27 November, 2023, 23:59 CET. The deadline can be extended by a few days under exceptional circumstances. To do so, please send a request to

Eligibility criteria

Editorial offices, freelance journalists, data researchers, and media start-ups from Ukraine are eligible to apply.

Relocated media from Ukraine are welcome to apply.

Applicants must be active journalists or researchers who can demonstrate their media products published in the last six months.

Applicants must not be connected to a political party, political institution, or businesses and individuals sanctioned by the EU.

Projects should be related to current topics, for example, German and European politics, the situation in Ukraine during the war, resistance, and life of the Ukrainian people in the occupied territories, and analysis of the current situation in politics, society, and culture, or study of the socio-political situation, and the like.

Projects connected with Germany or implemented jointly with German media have priority. However, the absence of such connections is not a criterion for eliminating an application from the competition.

Applicants must not be connected to a political party, political institution, or businesses and individuals sanctioned by the EU.

Using innovative methods of data analysis and investigations, as well as publishing stories and media projects using modern formats that allow for increased audience coverage, will strengthen the application.


Financial support

The program is supported by JX Fund.

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