Strengthening Investigative Journalism

Grants for investigations, reports and other media projects for Ukrainian media in cooperation with German partners

About the program

The funding program aims to establish and expand cross-border cooperation between media workers, investigative journalists, and data professionals from Ukraine and their German counterparts. Media from Ukraine, freelance journalists and media start-ups are eligible to apply. Cooperation projects with German media, NGOs and other stakeholders are very welcome to submit their applications. The prospect of publication with German media outlets or on German media platforms would strengthen the application. Applications should be designed as short-term media projects and can apply for the grants from 1,000 to 25,000 euros. Media projects having bigger project funding may apply for additional funds.


There will be no thematic restrictions for the proposals to be submitted. Media projects can cover global or local issues, including investigations on the war crimes, corruption, money laundering, as well as projects on climate crisis, social issues, local stories. Use of innovative methods, i.a. data, OSINT, archive, interactive storytelling etc., would be an asset. Projects to be implemented by February 2023, publications and final reports will be required to be submitted by 1 March 2023. The program is supported by JX Fund.


Applications deadline: 23 December 2022

Eligibility criteria

Bigger editorial offices, freelance journalists and media start-ups from Ukraine are eligible to apply.

Relocated media, as well as media operating from Ukraine are welcome to apply.

Partnership with German media or NGO or otherwise connection to Germany is obligatory to participate in the program.

Applicants must not be affiliated with a political party, political institution or sanctioned companies and individuals.

Applicants must be active journalists who can demonstrate their media products published in the last six months.

Using innovative methods, including data analysis, OSINT, big data analysis etc. would be an asset.

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